Communications Solutions for Oil and Gas

  1. Oil and Gas Solutions


    Tait is a worldwide supplier of oil and gas solutions and has been meeting the needs of major international companies for more than 25 years.

    Tait’s radio communications systems for large international oil and gas corporations provide users with rugged, resilient and dependable solutions in some of the harshest operating conditions.

    These organizations must ensure safety and efficiency is never compromised, so they often require secure, Intrinsically Safe communications to carry out their daily operations.


    Communications everywhere, at all times

    Tait uses state-of-the-art “confined-space engineering” to ensure the safety of workers in tunnels and underground control facilities. In addition, our TaitNet solutions provide guaranteed network availability to users in times of emergency.


    Pipeline solutions

    The unique wide-area/low traffic requirements of pipeline communications are well matched to TaitNet’s systems capabilities.

    A variety of network architectures and console solutions ensures workers are safe and efficiently managed, while easy-to-use mobile radios enable workers to receive the service they need, when they need it. Tait infrastructure provides all the linking requirements for pipeline systems and also provides interfaces for existing high bandwidth equipment.


    Tait mobile radios support the communications requirements of data and SCADA equipment.


  2. Technologies


    Read about the features and benefits for transport operators considering deploying a solution based on the following: