Open Standard technologies and products


    APCO P25 Digital Solutions

    This digital technology provides robust, interoperable, and secure communications solutions that have been proven over many years within the Public Safety sector. Tait has invested in delivering a superior range of solutions based around this customer-focused standard. This section describes some of the features and benefits available to Public Safety organizations considering the deployment of a solution based on this technology.



    Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

    Tait Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is based on the ETSI TS 102 361 Tier III standard and offers a truly digital replacement or migration path from the well-respected MPT 1327 trunking systems. The spectral efficiency of this standard provides the basis for a highly effective communications solution for some Public Safety customers.



    MPT 1327 Trunked

    MPT 1327 has proved to be one of the most flexible and enduring industry trunking standards ever developed. It allows a mix of voice and data, fast call set-up, wide-area coverage, and reliability which is well suited for Public Safety needs. Tait has recently added a unique data service which operates in concert with the MPT 1327 trunking system, the Taitnet Data System (TNDS). Tait is one of a very small number of vendors who can successfully migrate Public Safety customers from MPT 1327 to the more modern digital standards such as P25.



    Conventional / QS² Simulcast

    Tait has been designing and deploying conventional communications solutions into Public Safety applications for over 40 years.

    Conventional solutions can be provided that operate directly from person to person or cover a whole state or nation. Conventional Quasi-Synch (QS2) simulcast solutions can provide a fast, reliable, wide-area all-informed broadcast network utilitizing the fewest possible frequencies.