Communications Solutions for Transport

  1. Tait has successfully delivered communications solutions to the Public Transport sector for more than 40 years. Tait has designed, manufactured and commissioned projects in more than 150 countries around the world.

    We understand that public transport operators have specific performance targets to achieve—timetable compliance, minimizing service interruptions and maintaining full operational control. By listening to and focusing on these specific needs, we have created innovative communications solutions for the public transport sector.

    Business benefits

    By focusing on the performance challenges facing public transport organizations, we create communications solutions that provide both practical and innovative ways to improve performance and achieve your KPIs.

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    Globally, there is an increasing number of Public Transport operators and integrators using Tait communication solutions to help drive their business.

    Customers include London Bus, Nottingham City Transport, Silvercomm, Kuala Lumpur Monorail, Dublin Bus, Brampton Canada, State of Victoria (Australia).


  2. Technologies


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