Tait Products


    Tait is committed to delivering P25-compliant solutions that give you greater choice and control of your mission-critical communications future. Benefit from a user-focused open standard that specifies key capabilities such as spectral efficiency, interoperability, flexibility, security, data and migration from analog to digital operation.


    The Tait P25 platform is engineered to provide superior audio quality, coverage and levels of high availability for a solution you can rely on. From portables to consoles, conventional to trunking and core networks to network management, Tait offers a range of P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2-upgradable solutions to meet your organizational needs



    Tait DMR delivers the advantages of the global Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) open standard. An experienced team works with you to deliver digital clarity, radio spectrum efficiency and IP-based flexibility for more effective data and voice communications.


    Our DMR solution is backed by Tait's reputation for resilient networks, robust, reliable terminals and our ability to tailor a system to each customer's exact needs. Smooth migration from analog and multi-vendor procurement ensures ongoing value and flexibility for customers choosing a Tait DMR solution.



    TaitNet MPT is a communications solution that's relevant right now. With digital infrastructure based on a stable communications technology, digital linking and IP connectivity, it's upgradable if and when you need it, to a fully digital future.



    Tait offers a range of conventional analog radio systems tailored to meet our customers' specific needs - whether you're a small organization with just a few staff or a large corporate needing wide-area communications across many employees and groups.