DMR TB7300 Base Stations/Repeaters

  1. Tait introduces a software flexible, rugged Base station/Repeater for DMR Tier 3 and DMR Tier 2 systems, or Analog repeaters. The TB7300 integrates seamlessly with the proven Tait 9300 series high performance Base Station.

    A slim, 1U design forms part of an intelligent building block of an end-to-end network solution, which includes Base Station, Terminals and Tait network management software applications.

    Key Features

    • Economical slim 1U design
    • Three operating modes: Analog, DMR Tier 2 and DMR Tier 3
    • Software flexible migration path between platforms
    • Exceptional receiver performance
    • IP linked node solution for multi-site network capability
    • Remote network management and monitoring
    • SNMP Management Capability
    • TaitEnable application suite compatible
    • Tait DMR Access and Express solution compatible
    • 50 Watt output power (VHF) 100% Duty Cycle
    • 13.8VDC Input power typical

    Download the TB7300 specifications sheet (270 KB) for more detailed information

  2. TB7300 Spec Sheet Table


    General Performance

    Frequency Range


    Frequency Band

    148 - 174 MHz

    Frequency stability




    Dimensions (DxWxH)

    15.8 x 19 x 1.7in (400 x 483 x 44mm) 1U Rack Space

    Weight lb (kg)

    VHF 50W 14.8lb (6.7kg)

    Frequency increment/channel step

    VHF 2.5/3.125kHz (or multiples of)

    Operating temperature

    -22° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C)

    Power Supply DC

    13.8V Typical (11 - 15 VDC range)

    Power Consumption Standby Tx @ 50W

    0.83A, 11.5W @ 13.8V

    9.6A, 133W @ 13.8V

    ESD rating

    +/-4kV contact discharge and +/-8kV air discharge

    External frequency reference

    10MHz/12.8MHz (auto detect)

    Packet Data

    ½ Rate, ¾ Rate, Full rate, Single Slot


    Transmitter N Type (Female)

    Receiver BNC (Female)

    External Reference Input BNC (Female)

    Network Ethernet Port

    Power Supply Input Block

    Support Solution

    Tait DMR Tier 2 single site, Tait DMR Tier 2 Multi-site

    Tait DMR Tier 3 Access and Express, Analog repeater only.