DMR TM9300 Mobiles

  1. The TM9300 DMR mobiles provide an efficient, digital voice and data communications solution for users in mission critical environments.

    These mobiles function in trunked DMR, conventional DMR, full MPT 1327, and conventional FM modes, and can roam between DMR and MPT networks.

    Efficient, voice and data communications

    Key Features

    • Future proof quad-mode mobiles (DMR trunking, DMR conventional, MPT, 1327 and conventional analog FM)
    • Full adherence to DMR standards providing choice and interoperability
    • Engineered for use in demanding environments with IP54 rating
    • Crystal-clear audio quality
    • A range of configurable models and accessories are available to suit various applications
    • Packet data over traffic channels
    • GPS capable to improve efficiency and safety

    Download the TM9300 specifications sheet (273 KB) for more detailed information

    Download the TM9315 specifications sheet (846 KB) for more detailed information


  2. DMR TM9300 Mobiles Specifications


    General Performance


    Frequency Ranges Frequency Band Transmit Power Transmit Current (max) Standby Current*
    VHF 136-174MHz 25W, 50W 5.5A, 10.5A 0.15A, 0.15A
    UHF 400-470MHz 25W, 40W 5.5A, 9.9A 0.15A, 0.15A

    450-520MHz 25W 5.5A 0.15A






    Frequency stability

    ±0.5ppm (-22°F to 140°F/-30°C to 60°C)


    1,000 – 2,000 channels/50-100 zones

    Talk groups

    26 talk group lists comprised of up to 1,000 – 2,000 members each

    Scan groups

    300 with up to 50 members each, maximum of 2,000 members total


    Body – in (mm)

    Height 25W: 21 (52), 30W/35W/50W: 2.1 (52)
    Width 25W: 6.3 (160), 30W/35W/50W: 6.3 (160)
    Depth 25W: 6.9 (175), 30W/35W/50W:  7.7 (195)

    Graphical control head – in (mm) Height:  2.8 (71), Width:  7.24 (184), Depth:  1.38 (35)

    Weight lb (kg)

    Body 25W:  2.6 (1.2), 30W/35W/50W:  3.1 (1.4)
    Control head 0.73 (0.33)

    Channel spacing


    Frequency increment/channel step


    Operating temperature

    -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)

    Water and dust protection


    ESD rating

    +/-4kV contact discharge and +/-8kV air discharge

    Rated audio

    3W (internal speaker)

    Power supply

    DC: 10.8-16VDC, AC: Desk top PSU – 100 to 130V or 200 to 250V

    Air interface standard

    DMR: ETSI TS 102 361

    Signaling options (Analog)

    MDC1200, encode and decode, Two tone decode, PL (CTCSS), DPL, (DCS), Selcall

    Vocoder type

    AMBE +2™

    Packet Data

    ½ Rate, ¾ Rate, Full rate, Single Slot