DMR TP9300 Portables

  1. Quad Mode Functionality

    With four different operating modes — trunked DMR (Tier 3), conventional DMR (Tier 2), full MPT 1327 and conventional FM — this portable will truly future proof your communications needs.

    Your new TP9300 radios can communicate with your old radios or your neighbors' radios, and it's as easy as flipping a switch.

    The Toughest Portables in the Industry

    The TP9300 is built for rugged conditions. Your people need a radio that won't fail them, no matter what the environment. Every Tait Portable is proven to meet Military Standards 810C, D, E, F, and G. It is IP67 water proof and can survive countless drops onto concrete.

    We've also run over our radio with a tank, dropped it 100 meters, washed it on heavy duty in a dishwasher, and more. The radio survived, and you can see these tests for yourself at our Tait Tough website.

    Enhanced Vocoder for call clarity

    The TP9300 is equipped with an enhanced vocoder that ensures your message will be communicated clearly, even in a noisy environment. Regardless of wind, equipment, or large groups, you can have confidence that you will be heard. Make sure you watch the video above to hear what the TP9300 sounds like while being used outside a moving car.

    Man Down

    Should someone fall and get hurt, the control center will immediately be notified. An accelerometer recognizes if the TP9300 changes position, and after a few seconds without change a warning will sound.

    You can save lives by dramatically improving response time if, for any reason, your people fall and cannot call for help.

    Full Interoperability

    Because of our full adherence to DMR open-standards, you can enjoy choice and interoperability. Want your Tait portables to work with your current network or infrastructure? No problem! Whatever your existing business systems, Tait will ensure you have a unified critical communications network.

    Multi-vendor solutions have been known to save as much as 30% of an organization's budget. Learn more about the benefits of full interoperability.

    Ease of Migration

    Upgrading a radio network can be so difficult that utility radio networks often remain unchanged for 15 to 20 years. But inevitably, technological and regulatory advances will drive your decision to replace the network.

    Thanks to quad-mode functionality, Tait has made migration easier than ever before. Since the TP9300 can run on your existing network, you can replace your old system with your new one at a pace that suits your needs. Learn more about how you can continue your communication service with an easy migration plan from Tait.

    Stun and Revive

    Protect your radio network with the stun and revive feature. Should one of your radios go missing or get stolen, you can shut it down remotely. Then, once the radio is returned to you, it can be revived and work just as well as ever.

    Integrated GPS

    Each portable is equipped with location service ability. That means you'll never need to worry about being lost or left behind. Caught in a storm? Control Center will know exactly where you are and where to send help.


  2. DMR TP9300 specifications


    General Performance


    Frequency Range




    Frequency Band


    400-470MHz, 450-520MHz


    Frequency stability

    ±0.5ppm (-22°F to 140°F/-30°C to 60°C)


    1,000 – 2,000 channels/50 – 100 zones

    Talk groups

    26 talk group lists comprised of up to 1,000 – 2,000 members each

    Scan groups

    300 with up to 50 members each, maximum of 2,000 members total

    Dimensions (DxWxH)

    With Li-Ion standard battery 1.61 x 2.56 x 5.35in (41 x 65 x 136mm) excluding knobs
    With Li-Ion high-capacity battery 1.77 x 2.56 x 5.35in (45 x 65 x 136mm) excluding knobs


    With Li-Ion standard battery 11.46oz (325g) – no antenna
    With Li-Ion high-capacity batter 13.12oz (372g) – no antenna


    Black keypad, 3-way zone selector

    Channel spacing


    Frequency increment/channel step


    Operating temperature

    -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)

    Water and dust protection


    ESD rating

    +/-4kV contact discharge and +/-8kV air discharge

    Rated audio


    Speaker rating


    Air interface standard

    DMR: ETSI TS 102 361

    Signalling options (Analog)

    MDC1200, encode and decode, Two tone decode, PL (CTCSS), DPL (DCS). Selcall

    Vocoder type

    AMBE +2™

    Packet Data

    ½ Rate, ¾ Rate, Full rate, Single Slot