TB7100 Base Stations/Repeaters

  1. TB7100 – Overview

    The TB7100 is a compact, cost-effective base station/repeater for use as a line-controlled base, talk through repeater, RF modem, data repeater or with TaitNet TN1100 MPT 1327 trunking system.

    TB7100 base station/repeater features include:

    • 100 channels with CTCSS and DCS sub-audible signaling
    • Covers seven key frequency bands from 66-530MHz
    • Two digit LCD display
    • Four programmable function keys
    • Continuous duty at 25W, 40W (UHF) and 50W (VHF) power output
    • Full duplex operation (when fitted with optional duplexer)
    • Tone on idle and CWID

    Uncompromising base station/repeater design:

    • Entire unit housed in a 1U high rack, including internal power supply
    • Capable of operation at ambient temperatures of up to 140°F (60°C) and lowest -22°F (-30°C)
    • Fans and heatsink designed to give 100 per cent transmit duty cycle
    • Programmable fan operation
    • Integral monitor speaker for audio testing
    • 9-way RS232 serial data port
    • 25-way system interface for connecting external equipment
    • Low standby power consumption (140mA in economy mode, 25W)
    • Rack or wall mounted

    Conveniently compact

    The TB7100 is the only base station/repeater on the market with optional internal power supply and internal duplexer in a slimline 1U format. This makes the TB7100 easy to transport and install; an ideal choice when space for your RF equipment is limited.

    Ideal for single site coverage

    A cost-effective repeater for single site applications such as industrial or campus sites, shopping malls, hotels, small taxi or bus fleets.

    Ease of integration

    Add a T1810 channel controller to create a low cost TN1100 trunked system, ideal for mine or industrial applications, ports and railway stations, building sites, security and maintenance services.

    Data support

    Supports both 12/19.2kbps Tait High Speed  Data (THSD) and 1200/2400 baud FFSK as standard. The TB7100 can be configured as a data repeater or RF modem an is fully compatible with the TM8000 range of mobile radio equipment.

    Download the TB7100 specifications sheet (PDF 638 KB) for more detailed information.

  2. TB7100 – 40/50 Watt specifications

    General Performance

    ystem Description 1U Base Station/Repeater
    System Compatibility Conventional FM, MPT 1327 Trunked, Data Systems


    Frequency Range Transmitter Power Rating

    136MHz - 174MHz

    350MHz - 400MHz

    400MHz - 470MHz

    450MHz - 520MHz





    Frequency Stability ±1.5ppm
    Number of Channels 100
    Channel Spacing 12.5kHz, 20, 25kHz
    System Types to Support Full Duplex Voice TTR & LCB1200 FFSK & 12K NB, 19K2 WB, THSD
    Data Types FFSK, Tait High Speed Data
    Operational Data Modes Transparent Mode
    Sensitivity -116dBm (typical)
    Sensitivity 68dB/73dB/75dB (NB/MB/WB)
    Intermodulation 75dB
    Ultimate Signal to Noise 40dB/41dB/43dB (NB/MB/WB)
    FM Hum and Noise -35dB/-39dB/-41dB (NB/MB/WB)


      Input Output

    Audio Interface Types

    600Ω Balanced



    600Ω Balanced


    Monitor Speaker

    Audio Interface Level

    (for nominal 60% deviation)

    Balanced: -20 to +3dBm


    Balanced: -20 to +10dBm


    Audio Line Distortion

    (@ -70dBm)

    ≤2% ≤2%


    Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F) @ 100% duty cycle
    Supply Requirements 10.5V - 16DC

    DC Current

    Low Power Tx

    High Power Tx

    Rx (2W Speaker Output)

    Rx Muted

    40W TB7100

    4.9A (15W)

    6.3A (25W)



    Dimensions 480mm x 400mm x 44.5mm (18.8" x 15.7" x 1.8") 1U Rack Space


    6kg (13.2lb)


    Internal AC PSU (99-264 VAC)

    External T809-10 PSU (88-264 VAC)

    Internal Duplexer

    Wall Mount Bracket