MPT-IP (MPT1327) mobiles


    TM8000 Trunked/Conventional

    With the TM8252, TM8235, TM8254 and TM8255 radios, Tait offers a choice of trunked mobiles to meet a variety of needs, ensuring innovative solutions for operators and end users alike.


    TM8252 Specifications [ PDF 179 KB ]

    TM8235 Specifications [ PDF 251 KB ]

    TM8254 Specifications [ PDF 331 KB ]

    TM8255 Specifications [ PDF 235 KB ]


    TM8000 Data

    The Tait TM8000 mobile radio range includes a range of products designed specifically to support the development of business solutions for the rapidly growing mobile data market. Tait's TM8000 data mobile offering includes solutions to suit a range of industries and applications such as utilities, transportation and AVL integration.


    TM8252 Specifications [ PDF 179 KB ]

    TM8105 Specifications [ PDF 225 KB ]