Conventional radio networks

  1. Simple and cost-effective for smaller numbers of users, TaitNet P25 conventional networks are proven, reliable and minimize project risk by facilitating staged migrations from analog to digital. Utilizing the market-leading Tait P25 Phase 1 TB9100 base station/repeater with superior built-in functionality, you can reduce your infrastructure footprint while increasing the capability of your communications network.

    For a truly future-proofed option, with a TaitNet P25 conventional network, the equipment you purchase today can be easily updated to P25 trunking, simulcast, or even Phase 2 if your requirements change.

    TaitNet P25 Conventional - P25 Phase 1

    Reliable, proven and cost-effective

    Key features:

    • Phase 1 operation in VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands
    • P25 open standards compliance
    • Utilizes the Tait P25 TB9100 Phase 1 base station/repeater
    • Enables staged migration from analog to P25 Phase 1 (digital)
    • Supports Over-the-air Rekeying (OTAR) for secure communications

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    Tait P25 TB9100 Phase 1 base station/repeater

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