P25 TP9400 Portable Radios

  1. The Tait TP9400 is feature-packed and ready to work in demanding environments with the quality and reliability which those serving our communities depend on.

    Tait P25 TP9400 Phase 2 (TDMA) Upgradable Portable

    More efficient networks. More possibilities.

    With multiple operating modes including analog, 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA conventional/trunked, upgradable to 6.25kHz (equivalent) P25 Phase 2 TDMA trunked, and LSM (CQPSK) decode capability in a single device, you can transition to a more spectrally efficient solution in a time frame that suits you.

    Ensure the safety of your first responders and increase operational effectiveness with TP9400 capabilities such as internal GPS* for location services (over a conventional or trunked network) and Bluetooth® wireless technology* for accessory connectivity. With additional Man Down and Lone Worker functionality, and AES encryption capability, your first responders can work confidently, knowing their communications are secure.

    Tait products are known for their rugged build, and the TP9400 is no exception. The robust design has IP67 sealing and shock absorbing impact-protected corners, exceeds relevant MIL-STD-810G standards, and features a water-shedding grille which aids voice clarity in wet environments.

    The TP9400 provides:

    • Operation in VHF and 700/800MHz frequency bands
    • Minimized risk with multi-mode operation for staged migration
    • Greater vendor choice, increased competition and interoperability with adherence to the P25 standards and software-upgradability to P25 Phase 2
    • Efficient operations with encryption, voice and data, simulcast support and pre-set status messages
    • Security-focused fleet management with Over-the-air Rekeying (OTAR) and Tait Key Fill Device (KFD) support

    Product Models

    • TP9435 - 4 key, restricted functionality, P25 Phase 2 upgradable portable
    • TP9440 - 16 key, restricted functionality, P25 Phase 2 upgradable portable
    • TP9455 - 4 key, full functionality, P25 Phase 2 upgradable portable
    • TP9460 - 16 key, full functionality, P25 Phase 2 upgradable portable

    Download the TP9400 specifications sheet (PDF, 481KB) for more detailed information.

    *Please contact your local Tait representative to discuss your GPS and/or Bluetooth® solution requirements.

  2. P25 TP9400 specifications


    General Performance


    Frequency stability ±0.5ppm (-22ºF to +140ºF/-30ºC to +60ºC)
    Channels/zones 1,000 channels/50 zones
    (2,000 channels/100 zones optional enhancement with software license)
    Talk groups 50 talk groups, up to 1,000 members total
    (2,000 members optional enhancement with software license)
    Scan groups 300 with up to 50 members each, maximum of 2,000 members total
    Dimensions (DxWxH)
    with Li-Ion standard battery 1.61 x 2.56 x 5.35in (41 x 65 x 136mm) - excluding knobs
    with Li-Ion premium battery 1.77 x 2.56 x 5.35in (45 x 65 x 136mm) - excluding knobs
    with Li-Ion standard battery 11.46oz (325g) - no antenna
    with Li-Ion premium battery 13.12oz (372g) - no antenna
    Channel spacing 12.5/15/20/25/30kHz
    Frequency increment 2.5/5/6.25
    Operating temperature -22ºF to +140ºF (-30ºC to +60ºC)
    Water and dust protection IP67
    Rated audio 0.5W
    Speaker rating 2W
    Signaling options (analog) MDC1200 encode/decode, Two Tone decode, PL (CTCSS), and DPL (DCS)

    Environmental Standards


    Applicable MIL-STD-810C, D, E, F and G Method Procedure
    Low pressure 500.5 2
    High temperature 501.5 1, 2
    Low temperature 502.5 1, 2
    Temperature shock 503.5 1
    Solar radiation 505.5 1
    Rain 506.5 1, 3
    Humidity 507.5 2
    Salt fog 509.5 1
    Dust 510.5 1
    Immersion 512.5 1
    Vibration 514.6 1
    Shock 516.6 1, 4, 5, 6



    Frequency band VHF UHF 700/800MHz
    Transmit frequency ranges 136-174MHz 400-470MHz
    Output power 5W, 3W, 2W, 1W 4W, 2.5W, 2W, 1W 3W, 2.5W, 2W, 1W
    Modulation limiting

    12.5/15kHz channel ±2.5kHz ±2.5kHz ±2.5kHz
    25/30kHz channel ±5kHz ±5kHz ±5kHz
    FM hum and noise (analog)

    12.5kHz channel -45dB -40dB -40dB
    25kHz channel -48dB -45dB -45dB
    Radiated and conducted emissions  -75dBc -72dBc -70dBc
    Audio response (analog) +1/-3dB +1/-3dB +1/-3dB
    Audio distortion (analog) 1.5% @ 1kHz, 60% deviation 1.5% 1.5%



    Frequency band VHF UHF 700/800MHz
    Receiver frequency ranges 136-174MHz 400-470MHz 762-776MHz

    450-520MHz 851-870MHz
    Sensitivity (analog)

    12dB SINAD 0.22µV (-120dBm) 0.22µV (-120dBm) 0.28µV (-118dBm)
    Sensitivity (P25) 

    5% BER 0.22µV (-120dBm) 0.22µV (-120dBm) 0.22µV (-120dBm)
    Intermodulation rejection (P25) TIA-102 75dB 75dB 75dB
    Adjacent channel rejection

    12.5kHz TIA-102 60dB 60dB 60dB
    25kHz TIA-603 (2-tone) 73dB 70dB 70dB
    Spurious response rejection (P25) 75dB 80dB 70dB
    Residual audio noise ratio (P25) TIA-102 45dB 45dB 45dB
    Audio distortion (rated audio) 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
    FM hum and noise

    12.5kHz channel -45dB -40dB -40dB
    25kHz channel -48dB -45dB -45dB



    Battery shift life: Li-Ion premium 12 hours 5/5/90
    Battery shift life: Li-Ion standard 9 hours 5/5/90



    Charger options (Li-Ion) Fast desktop single charger
    6-way multi charger
    Vehicle charger

    Specifications are subject to change without notice and shall not form part of any contract. They are issued for guidance purposes only.

    +All frequency bands and channel spacings may not be available in all markets. For further information please check with your nearest Tait office or authorized dealer.

    Please contact your local Tait representative to discuss your GPS and/or Bluetooth® solution requirements.

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