Dispatch Solutions

  1. We partner with dispatch console experts to deliver seamless mission critical communications.

    In emergency situations, good communication systems save lives. Ensuring communication across multiple agencies, multiple  audio  channels—radio, PABX (POTS), LTE, 2G, 3G—and multiple user devices, is crucial for mission critical communications situations.

    Dispatch consoles provide the vital link between dispatchers and field personnel, helping to coordinate field response and ensure the safety of personnel. Dispatch consoles can also access the radio system through an IP network, making it possible to operate through a local network or from anywhere in the world.

    Tait supports the open standards radio technologies of DMR, APCO P25, MPT 1327, MPT-IP and Conventional Analog, and we partner with console manufacturers who also provide non-proprietary solutions for the public safety and utilities industries that meet - or exceed - operational requirements.

    Our Endorsed Global Partners for dispatch solutions are:

  2. Avtec

    'Scout' is a true VoIP console system. Scout is Avtec's 4th Generation console product, and was designed for a 10+ year lifecycle in mission-critical environments. Scout provides a dedicated media workstation with its own Ethernet connection and rugged peripherals. This gives customers the option to operate on standard PCs and benefit from reduced life-cycle support costs. It is also offered in a software only configuration. Scout is built on open standards and provides interfaces to numerous radio, telephony, CAD, and recording system partners to support both interoperability and customer choice.

  3. Cisco

    The Cisco Dispatch Console is part of the Cisco IPICS solution and comes in two versions; Silver and Platinum. The Silver version provides a simple user interface, and supports basic radio and incident dispatch functions. The Platinum version includes patch capabilities, integrated telephone, incident management, and policy management support.

  4. Omnitronics

    The new RediTALK Dispatch Console has been designed for small to medium organizations, ensuring that you get the same benefits the big guys get but without the price tag. RediTALK includes a range of digital functions such as Location Services/GPS, Text Messaging, Individual Calling, Group Calling and more. It comes in a range of sizes and different functionalities to suit specific needs and has been developed in partnership with Tait.

  5. Zetron

    AcomEVO is an integrated, IP based dispatch solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with a functional design that is driven by customer feedback. It provides advanced features and functionality that organizations need to control their complex operations efficiently, accurately and reliably. AcomEVO supports a vast range of radio equipment, infrastructure as well as proprietary and open standards based interfaces. As it is a highly customizable solution, it can be tailored to meet the specific business needs of each customer.

    Zetron's new MAX Dispatch gives you the solid reliability and performance you expect from Zetron in a breakthrough, IP-based dispatch console system. Dispatchers today must deal with multiple data sources and their control rooms are rapidly evolving to keep pace with the numerous communications technologies available. MAX Dispatch is primed for adapting to this rapidly changing environment while still providing a lower cost of ownership to the customer.