Location Solutions

  1. Tait partners with location services experts to deliver integrated location solutions that enable our clients to safely and efficiently manage their field operations.

    The key element of a location solution is location awareness or Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), which is the reporting of the current GPS position of mobile assets (i.e. people and vehicles) on a map. The tracking, reporting and recording of each asset's location and status enables real-time visibility of field operations, delivering rapid and sustainable improvements in the safety, efficiency and auditing of your field staff and assets.

    The key benefits of an integrated location solution include enhanced worker safety, increased productivity of field operations, shortened incident response time, improved customer satisfaction due to higher standards of performance, and reduced and controlled field operation costs.

    Our Endorsed Global Partners for location solutions are:

  2. Clevest

    Clevest AVL is the only AVL solution built specifically for the electrical utilities industry. It connects both field and office staff with the most usable, functional and visually appealing browser-based AVL solution available to utilities today.

    Clevest AVL improves your visibility of field activities through a real-time, GPS-based location map view of your vehicles and their relation to your asset infrastructure. It uses dynamic icons and graphics on WebMap to track your vehicle and moveable asset locations, determine the closest vehicle to a task, monitor or query the status or progress on a task, and quickly address any issues that may occur. It also provides detailed reports on your vehicle activities and condition.

    For even greater connection between the field and office, utilities can leverage the fully integrated Clevest Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) to wirelessly manage all types of work directly from the AVL WebMap.

  3. Omnitronics

    Omnitronics' RediTALK dispatch console has been designed for small to medium-sized organizations, ensuring that you get the same benefits the big guys get but without the price tag. RediTALK has been developed in partnership with Tait and comes in a range of sizes and with different functionalities, including location services, to suit your specific needs.

  4. Tallysman Wireless

    The Tallysman Sprite™ family of intelligent GPS tracking products and software applications for land mobile radio systems give organizations the ability to track and record the movements and performance of their mobile assets and workforce. The Sprite™ WCP (Wireless Communications Portal) provides a data interface from your radio system to the Sprite™ Dispatcher, a mapping and dispatch application, or third party applications, enabling you to view vehicle locations, receive alarm notifications, and send/receive text messages. The Tallysman intelligent GPS antenna enables event driven reporting, as well as location reporting on demand.