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Mission-Critical Command & Control Center

Acom Command & Control


ACOM Command & Control is designed to meet the highest-end requirements of control centers.


Engineered with customization in mind, an extensive feature set, enterprise-class server architecture, and end-to-end resiliency, ACOM offers the most complete mission critical communications solution.

ACOM supports the following technologies:

  • SIP

  • ISDN

  • QSig; signaling protocols

  • P25, TETRA, DMR, NXDN, and analog

  • CAD/AVL systems

  • Voice recording systems

  • Digital I/O

  • Video cameras

  • Paging

  • Remote monitoring

  • Voter Control

Max Solutions

max dispatch.JPG

MAX Dispatch is designed to be easily implemented and includes built-in interfaces and shared components with MAX solutions such as MAX Call TakingMAX CAD/GIS and MAX Fire Station Alerting creating an integrated command & control suite. 

  • Max Dispatch

  • Max Call Taking

  • Max Call Taking MIS

  • Max Cad

  • Max GIS Mapping

  • MAX Fire Station Alerting



REACH (Remote Call Handling & Dispatch) provide flexibility and functionality to work remotely, safely and efficiently from the private homes of team members.


Whether utilizing the REACH Remote VPN or a different means for connectivity, remotely accessing the same highly configurable and user-friendly MAX Call Taking and MAX Dispatch applications used at the communications center consoles has never been easier. 

Acom AutoMax


ACOM AutoMAX is designed as a solution that combines ACOM Command & Control with a CAD-and-mobility suite.


ACOM AutoMAX delivers dispatch communications for:

  • Zetron’s ACOM Command & Control

  • AutoMAX Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

  • AutoMAX Mobile CAD

  • AutoMAX Incident Management

  • AutoMAX Case Management & Reporting

  • AutoMAX App (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Tizen)

Command IQ


Command IQ is a portable workstation for use at remote, mobile, or incident sites to provide a fully operational workstation for MAX Dispatch from anywhere connectivity is available.

Can be set it up in a lunch area, conference room, manufacturing floor, guard shack, or other remote locations away from the central communications center so personnel either permanently or temporarily in those locations can constantly monitor activity and even engage or dispatch as needed.

Combining Acom with Tait Unified Vehicle

To operate ACOM in mobile, you need internet access. The internet access required is provided by Tait Unified Vehicle with a powerful antenna that can creates a mobile Wi-Fi network.

It also provides LMR connectivity so dispatchers can communicate through the radio network, or through broadband Push-To-Talk services. This means that if for any reason LTE service is lost, you still have the reliable coverage from analogP25 or DMR networks as a back up. 

Below are some use cases:

  1. During emergency, remote stations might need to be set up to get first responders closer to the scene. 

  2. For internet connectivity backup in the actual control room. 

  3. Field worker who needs to access the ACOM console remotely instead of driving to the control room.

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