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DMR Portables

DMR Portables

Tait customers have tough jobs in industries that place challenges on users and equipment.


A reliable communications solution is a critical safety tool. That is why Tait engineered the TP9300 DMR radio to be one of the toughest radios ever made.


TP9300 Series

The Tait TP9300 series provides features like multiple operating modes, internal GPS, Man Down, Lone Worker, and a tough chassis, giving users complete confidence in their portable communications.

TP9361 IS Model

The Tait TP9361 Intrinsically Safe radio is very similar to the TP9300, but it is engineered to operate safely in hazardous environments, ensuring your people have communications they can depend on while they get the job done.

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Why choose TP9300?

Ease of Migration

Inevitably, technological and regulatory advances will drive your decision to replace the network.

Thanks to quad-mode functionality, Tait has made migration easier than ever before. Since the TP9300 can run in analog mode, you can replace your old system with your new one at a pace that suits your needs.

Quad Mode Functionality

Four different modes — trunked DMR (Tier 3), conventional DMR (Tier 2), full MPT 1327 and conventional FM. 


Your new TP9300 radios can communicate with your old radios or your neighbors' radios.

The Toughest Portables in the Industry

Ruggedized, Military Standards 810C, D, E, F, and G,  IP68 and IP65 rated dust-proof, immersible, resistant to water jets, survive countless drops onto concrete, run over radio with a tank, dropped it 100 meters, washed it on heavy duty in a dishwasher, and more. The radio survived.

Full Interoperability

Open standard, you can enjoy choice and interoperability. Tait DMR portables will typically work with your current DMR network or infrastructure. 

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DMR Mobiles

TM9300 Series

A high-performing, flexible and robust mobile radio that delivers high quality audio and intuitive operation. Four modes of operation include trunked DMR, conventional DMR, MPT 1327, and conventional FM.

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DMR Mobiles

Tait DMR mobile radios are designed for use in challenging conditions and offer industry-leading digital voice and data, superb usability, and secure communications.


Our mobiles are available with a wide range of features, offering mission critical organizations improved safety and efficiency.

Why choose TM9300?

Increase Business Efficiency

The voice and data capabilities of the TM9300 improves efficiency.

Quad Mode Functionality

Four different modes — trunked DMR (Tier 3), conventional DMR (Tier 2), full MPT 1327 and conventional FM. 


Your new TM9300 radios can communicate with your old radios or your neighbors' radios.

Tait Tough

Ruggedized IP54 rating, water-resistant control head, and exceeds relevant MIL-STD-810G tests for vibration, shock, humidity, and more. You can rest assured that when you invest in a Tait mobile radio, it is an investment that will last.

Tait UnifyVehicle Ready

Both new and existing TM9300s can be upgraded with UnifyVehicle, which loads your mobile radio with more computing power, WiFi, wireless broadband, and more. Increase productivity and safety with more connectivity, powerful new applications, and comprehensive APIs. Learn more about UnifyVehicle

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DMR Base stations


Base stations

Tait DMR base stations and repeaters are designed for mission-critical operation and engineered to provide unbeatable performance and reliability.


They ensure interoperability with other vendors, giving your organization greater choice in meeting your unique requirements.

TB9300 Series

Tait TB9300 Base Stations are four modes DMR Tier 3, Tier 2, MPT Trunked, & analog FM. It allows for flexible network designs and easy migration paths from analog networks to DMR.

TB7300 Series

Tait introduces a software flexible, rugged Base station/Repeater for DMR Tier 3 and DMR Tier 2 systems, or Analog repeaters. The TB7300 integrates seamlessly with the proven Tait TB9300 series high performance Base Station.

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Why choose TB9300?

Easy to Maintain

The modular design of the TB9300 allows cost-effective deployment, maintenance, and upgrades. It is software configurable, including feature upgrades through software licenses.

Smooth Migration

Tait has the best migration stories around. The TB9300 operates in multiple modes, including Analog Conventional, MPT-1327, DMR Tier 2, and DMR Tier 3. You can install the base station to operate on your existing network today, and then upgrade with ease when ready.

Receiver Performance

TB9300 offers exceptional receiver performance and exceeds or matches all other DMR base stations on the market for sensitivity, selectivity and intermodulation performance. This means that the user gets extended talk-in (uplink) range as well as significantly increased resistance to interference for clearer, more consistent audio.

Operational efficiency

Web-based configuration (no need any software to be installed locally). IP-based repeater that can be accessed remotely through IP network which includes built-in spectrum analyzer, alarm monitoring, reporting, inbuilt diagnostics, remote software downloads.

Resillient, reliable

Confidence in even the most challenging environments, the TB9300 is rated for continuous full output power and ensures continuity of operation with smart AC/DC management. Like all Tait products, it's built Tait Tough and meets relevant MIL-STD-810G test methods.

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