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From robust hardware packed with safety features to integrated software and solutions, Tait has a wide range of offerings that enhance user safety in the moments officers need it most.

better efficiency

Reliable, smart communications solutions from Tait help officers get more done while on the go, keeping them away from their desk and out on the streets serving their communities.

stay connected

From our reliable core network to our innovative solution platforms and unparalleled coverage design, Tait offers ways to keep officers connected like never before, ensuring they have total confidence in their communications while on patrol.


Maintain visibility and control of your electrical grid to optimize response times and keep the lights on. Send SCADA over your voice and data network, with coverage even in rural areas for Distribution Automation.


Improving efficiency, optimized incident response, reduced system downtime. Both Scada and Voice can be efficiently delivered across the entire grid over a Tait DMR Gridlink radio network.

DMR Tier 3

Tait DMR is a digital communications platform that delivers commercial and worker safety benefits for mission critical users. With the capability to carry both voice and data, Tait DMR gives you a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency. Tait DMR products adhere to the DMR Association's open standards, ensuring interoperability with other compliant equipment.

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